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The Oregon Association of Administrative Law Judges (OAALJ) is a nonprofit corporation of administrative law judges, hearing officers, lawyers, attorneys, and others interested in promoting standards of excellence and fairness in administrative law processes. For over 25 years the OAALJ has worked toward its goals of speaking for its members in matters of common interest, promoting the development of administrative law through continuing education and training programs, and increasing public awareness of and respect for administrative law processes. Annual dues of $65.00 are payable July 1st of each year and include membership in the National Association of Administrative Law Judges (NAALJ).
The Board has approved offering a scholarship to an ALJ member of the Association to attend a national CLE program. The amount of the scholarship was not set as of the last Board meeting, as the final accounting of proceeds from the fall conference was not yet available. The scholarship is intended to be substantial enough to enable the recipient to attend a program with minimal expense out of pocket. The Board will also affirmatively seek cooperation and additional financial support from the successful candidate's employer.
All Association members in good standing as of April 1, 2005, are eligible to apply. If you are not currently a member, please note that new member dues paid on or after March 1 are credited through the next fiscal year, which ends June 30, 2006. All members as of April 1 will receive notice of the scholarship and an application form, which must be returned by April 30 to be considered. The Board will make its selection at its May meeting. Read More

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